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BBQitALL was introduced on the Weber Kettle Club in late summer and then on KickStarter in mid fall 2018. We don't have allot of reviews yet so we are including all the reviews here in their entirety. The great news is that they are all positive!


6/5 stars!

Part of the problem with the Smokey Joe, is that, while it is great for direct heat cooks, it can be tricky for cooking indirectly.  I have been looking for an efficient way to do indirect cooks in a SJ for sometime now and thanks to the BBQItAll, I have found a great way to convert the SJ, (which a lot of Weber fans use more as a stand to put their chimneys on when lighting charcoal) into a legitimate cooker.

Using two sections of the BBQItAll, I did several cooks involving different cuts of meat and different formations to test out the product and I love the results.  I have been using my SJ more than ever since receiving this cool gadget. 

The first formation I tried was with a Weber mini chimney full of completely lit charcoal on the outside of the ring, banked on 1/2 - 3/4 of the SJ.  The included spacers do a great job of keeping your charcoal organized and packed together in the grill - they are also adjustable so you can spread them further apart or closer together depending on how much charcoal you are using.  I reverse seared sirloin steaks, cooked chicken breast, cheeseburgers, bratwurst and hot dogs (a lot of the same foods you would cook using the SJ on a campout or tailgating anyway way).  The results were outstanding!  Just what I was looking for!  More zone and temperature control using the small SJ!

I also did Vortex style chicken wings once again using a full Weber mini chimney of completely lit briquettes.  The charcoal went into the center of the ring this time, with 12 chicken wings lined around the outer diameter of the cook grate.  Since the ring isn't coned at the top, the charcoal didn't heat the grill as evenly as a vortex (which isn't made for a SJ anyway) and I had to rearrange and babysit the wings more than I am used to.  However, having said that, the final results were the same.  Wings that were super crispy on the outside and tender on the inside!  Great for when you are just cooking enough for yourself!

I contacted Larry about testing this product for the SJ and I couldn't be more pleased!  I didn't test this product for larger grills (thanks for the extra sections Larry, I WILL be using them in my 18, 22, and eventual 26" Webers!), there are plenty of reviews for those sized grills.  For anyone looking to take their grilling to the next level at a tailgate party or when only cooking for 1-2 people (although, most of my cooks were the main entree for a family of 4), I couldn't give the BBQItAll a higher recommendation.  6/5 stars!  It provides a versatility never before seen on Weber's smallest grill!

-Allows for indirect cooking on the Smokey Joe, whether charcoal is on the inside of the ring or spread on the outside of the ring.  This gadget increases the amount of space on your cook grate!

-The spacers/dividers can be adjusted for the amount of charcoal being used.

-Quality stainless steel!

-Can be used for 14", 18", 22", 26" Weber kettles! 

Cons (minor!!!):
-Banking against the inside of a kettle.  A lot of people, myself included, aren't comfortable banking charcoal against the grill wall after seeing what super high heat banking can do to vintage kettle OVER TIME.  HOWEVER, when using larger grills with the BBQItAll, most people are using the snake method for low and slow which shouldn't get the grills walls hot enough to do damage OVER TIME!  Most people don't have or cook on colored SJs and aren't as worried about banking damage to a standard SJ.

-11/18, St. Louis Missouri




"What I really like about it is how easy it is to use."

I have to say that I love my gadgets and do find that most of them, I only end up using a couple of times. This one, I believe is different. I was not sure what to expect as it was flat and quite "simple". I quickly assembled it and wondered how well this was actually going to work? I did a couple of different cooks, one with KBB and the other with Weber charcoal. As expected, the Weber charcoal did great. It burned for 9+ hours and easily completed a pork butt. When I checked, there was a little less than a 1/4 of the charcoal left which I thought was quite good. The KBB did not do quite as good, but would still get most of the way through a 8LB butt. The temps for the cooks were about perfect, dry and mid 60's. What I really like about it is how easy it is to use. You simply lay it in the kettle, pour your charcoal around the ring and then dump a handful (I used 13) of lit charcoal on the one side. It is exactly the same as the snake method, but way faster as there is no stacking charcoal anymore. I always did the 2x2 snake, so this little gadget saved probably 5-10 minutes. This will be fantastic when the temps are much colder and help limit the time that I am outside freezing my butt off getting the grill ready to smoke!! So to summarize, very simple, yet effective gadget. It will definitely be getting a work out from me over the winter!! Time to put the WSM's to sleep for the winter and just leave one kettle out to do all the work!
Question for Larry, how can I get one more section so I can use this in my 26" too?

11/18, Columbus Ohio



"Excellent product"

"Sorry for the delay getting feedback to you. Life has been crazy busy.. I’ve had the opportunity to use the BBQItAll a few times now, and I’ve got it all set up to use tomorrow morning. Chuck roast will be going on the grill in the morning.

So far, what I like most about the bbqitall is it’s versatility. The first time I used it was on an 18” grill, as a charcoal basket, essentially. Small chimney fully lit, then dumped and spread inside the ring. This cook was simply roasting tomatoes, peppers, onion, and garlic for salsa. Worked great. I wasn’t restricted by a normal charcoal basket size, which allowed me to spread the coals out over a broader area.

The next cook was on my yellow 22” Weber. I set up to smoke a 4lb chuck roast. I love that I didn’t need to spend time meticulously setting up the snake ring of charcoal. Set the walls up so I would have a snake  roughly 3/4 the diameter of the grill and dumped the charcoal on the outside of the ring, then added a few lit coals to one end. I appreciate anything that can save me some time, and the bbqitall made the snake even easier. Food grate temp was a solid 265 for basically the entire 9 hour cook. I did need to add more just a little more charcoal to this cook towards the end.

My next cook was a whole chicken. I have the Weber GBS chicken roaster pan, and did a “basement” roast. For this cook, I set the bbqitall walls up directly opposite each other, coals on either side side of the grill. A few lit coals added to each stack, then the chicken in the middle... on the charcoal grate. Next time I do this method, I’ll add more lit coals, so as to have a higher temp. The chicken turned out good... the skin was not too crispy, but again, that is a result of a lower temp.

As mentioned earlier, doing another chuck roast tomorrow.

Overall, I am impressed with the bbqitall. Is it a necessary accessory? No, but there really aren’t any “must have” accessories out there. It is a time saver, and I will use it every time I do a cook using the snake method. Looking forward to trying the basement chicken again, and I’d love to try a cake or pie, as well. I also love that I can adjust the size to fit an SJ, an 18, or a 22. I would consider getting a 2nd one so I can use it on my 26, as well.

Excellent product. If the retail price is right, I could definitely see the bbqitall selling well.

I’ll send you some pics of my cooks tomorrow. Can’t seem to get the pics attached to this WKC pm."

Thanks again!

-10/2018 St. Louis Missouri


"I would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to smoke with their grill"

"First off, let me thank you again for the opportunity to test this device out. I am an avid cooker and always interested in something that will not only save time on a cook, but also potentially deliver great results. Now for the review.

When the package arrived, I was amazed at how small the package was. I was quickly able to assemble it using the instructions and had it ready to use in no time. I did two cooks with it. One, was just to get a feel for the device, to see how the temps held and the other was a pork butt. The initial test burn ran for about 5 hours and the pork butt ran for about 9 hours. The test cook was done with Kingsford charcoal. With that cook, it took about 20 minutes to reach around 215 degrees. Once there, it ran great for the remainder of the time. For the actual cook, I used the Weber charcoal as I almost exclusively use that when smoking. I find the Kingsford does a great job when grilling but the Weber charcoal is superior when smoking. I am a huge fan of the snake method in the Kettle and even with 5 WSM's, still fall back to this method pretty frequently.. The one pain point, so to speak, of the snake method, is the time it takes to lay out the charcoal. With your accessory, I simply set it in the grill, and poured in charcoal and went. I was amazed at the simplicity and how well it worked. My pork cook went on around 830am and was done around 540pm and I still had about 1/4 of the charcoal remaining. The temp outside was around 75 degrees. To be honest, I was not sure how well this was going to work as it was quite simple in design, but at the end of the cook, was really a fan of how simple, yet effective the device was. The only thing I did differently is that I only used one of the separator pieces as I knew I would need the majority of the entire area to complete the cook and really was not concerned with getting a high temp (cook was around 235ish for the majority of the time), so longevity was my main concern.  So to summarize, I was quite happy with your device. It was extremely easy to assemble, and even easier to use. I just poured the charcoal around the outside of the ring, and dumped a small quantity of lit charcoal and it just did its thing. I would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to smoke with their grill and will definitely be using this in the winter to limit the amount of time I have to be outside in the upcoming cold winter months!"

10/2018 Columbus Ohio


"Worked exactly as planned"

"I have used the BBQitALL for the first time last weekend. It worked exactly as planned. We roasted a top sirloin in about two hours and had over half of the coals remaining.

I have a couple of suggestions for you.

The printed instructions fit snugly into the delivery envelope but were damaged when I cut open the package.  I was very careful to cut along the very envelope edge but still managed to trim the fold off the instruction manual. Perhaps a smaller form factor for the instructions would be better for this size of envelope.

Secondly, the only thing I need to keep the instructions for is the cooking time guide table. Perhaps this could be printed on a separate durable card in a larger font. I would also like to see a few more details for other cooking.

11/2018 Cupertino CA.

In response to Robert's suggestions, we now package the manual fold end first! We are also considering expanding the cooking table on the website here."

"I highly recommend this kettle accessory"

"I'm currently editing my first cook with it. It's really a great piece and well done.
Especially exciting for a novice cooker as well as someone  that is experienced.  I was explaining it to my friend who has just got into BBQ and I think it's a perfect way to explain how to cook low and slow.  (A foolproof snake)

As a fan of the snake method for long cooks I highly recommend this kettle accessory".

10/2018 Gloucester Massachusetts


BBQ Brisket with BBQitALL
10/2018 Gloucester Massachusetts

Note from BBQitALL: Our tester on the east coast had to add more charcoal to this cook. Next time he will add more in the beginning which should give it more than ample cooking time.

"Nice Smoke Ring"
BBQ Brisket with BBQitALL
10/2018 Gloucester Massachusetts