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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is BBQitALL?
A: BBQitALL is a charcoal ring that simplifies low and slow cooking on your Weber charcoal grill. It creates an even, indirect heat without flareups for up to 12 hours without changing the charcoal.

Q: How does it work?
A: BBQitALL burns the charcoal like a fuse around your food. The fire walls allow the charcoal to be lit in just one place for a low heat or multiple places for higher heat, giving you complete control over time and temperature.

Q: What size BBQitALL do I buy?
A: BBQitALL fits all Weber kettle grills. Measure across the top of your grill to determine it's size and order the one that fits your size.

Q: Why hasn't anyone thought of this before?
A: People have been using something called the snake method for years to burn the charcoal around the food, but it's a pain to stack all that charcoal and it burns too cool and creates too much smoke. BBQitALL uses a patent pending stamping process that is 99% waste free and it ships flat, allowing me to make BBQitALL at a great price, right here in the US with food grade stainless steel.

Q: What can I cook with BBQitALL?
A: BBQitALL can be set up many different ways allowing you to cook just about anything you can imagine. See our Demo Video page for ideas. We look forward to hearing what you can cook with BBQitALL.

Q: Can you give me some detail on how it looks and is made?
A: Yes. See the diagram below.